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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you give discounts to Students, Registered Unemployed and Pensioners

A. If you are a Student and can present a Student ID card at the time of the shoot, then you will qualify for a 20% discount, note the discount is based on the full price of the shoot and can't be used in conjunction with any other offers. Use Code STUDENT when booking
Likewise if you are registered as Unemployed with the Arbetsförmedlingen, bring with you proof of your unemployed status and get a 20% discount on the full price of the shoot (not to be used in conjunction with any other offers) Use code ARBETSLÖS when booking, pensioners over 65 receive 20% discount when using the code PENSIONER when booking

Q. Do I need to bring several changes of clothes to the photo shoot?

A. We recommend that you bring at least one change with you, if you bring more we can help you decide which will look best on your shoot, but quite often a mix of smart/casual will suffice. No stripes or crazy patterns, also try to avoid bright colours. Neutral colours always work best. Ultimately you must feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, as we will be taking a headshot (or on request a 3/4 shot) it is the clothes for the upper body you focus on.

Q. What about make-up and hairstyling for women?

A. Your headshot is about you, about showing who you are, so we recommend that you do your own make-up and hair in the way that you would do so if you were going to an interview, but under the studio lights heavy make-up is not recommended and advised against. A natural look is the aim of any make-up. If you are not confident, we can refer you to a local make-up artist that we use. A hairstylist is usually on hand to advise.

Remember, the photo must represent who you are and look like you.

Q. Jewellery and accessories in a headshot?

A. We say to every client, that a headshot is about showing who you are, bringing out your expression and ensuring that you look confident and approachable. Jewellery and other accessories can distract the viewer of your headshot, a clean look without distractions keeps the focus on you.

Q. Can I bring other people along to the photo shoot?

A. When having a photo shoot on your own, it sometimes can be an advantage to have a friend or partner tag along, they can help advise you in the choice of clothes, keep an extra eye out for hair etc, and be a great help in choosing the best photos as we go through each session, but it is not a must, and for many clients they actually feel most comfortable coming on their own. Once we start shooting however, the other person is asked to leave the room so that full focus can be given. The exception being when we are shooting minors, where the adult can be present so long as they are not a distraction to the minor.

Q. Can I bring along my child/children to the photo shoot?

A. We don't recommend that you bring along children if they are not to be part of the photo shoot as it will be distracting both for you as the model and also for the photographer. Enjoy your time out at your shoot and focus on yourself, the difference can be seen in the final results.

Q. Can I have a copy of all the pictures taken at the studio shoot?

A. At the shoot we delete as we go along with the aim to having just the best of the best to choose from when you receive the link to the photos, we take a lot of similar photos during a session, so it's important that only the exceptional ones remain, from these photos we provide you with a link to the selection, you can then choose your favourites which will be expertly retouched and delivered. Each package will contain a number of included retouched shots, additional retouching can be purchased for per image over and above the package.

Q. Can I have a copy of all the pictures taken at my event shoot?

A. When we photograph at an event, the photographer will choose which photos are kept, deleting the others that they don't feel are up to standard. Prior to the event, an estimated number of photos will be agreed based upon the number of hours of shooting. This information is available on the website link you are provided, by standard unless additional images are separately agreed upon.

You will receive a link to a watermarked low-res copy of all the selected pictures via the web link, upon full payment you will receive a download code so that you can obtain your hi-res versions, these hi-res versions will not include a watermark.

Any further detailed retouching (other than the basic processing) can be purchased if you are going to be printing on canvas, you will then choose the ones you want retouching, depending on package chosen some images may be included.

Only the retouched photos will be made available in hi-resolution, with no watermark.

Q. Can I have access to the original RAW (unprocessed) images

A. No, only hi-resolution JPEG versions of the original RAW (unprocessed) images are available for purchase.

Q. Who owns the rights to the photographs taken?

A. Studio Fotos - Stockholm at all times retains the copyright of all photos taken, if any photos are taken by a 2nd shooter at an event employed by Studio Fotos - Stockholm, it is Studio Fotos - Stockholm who will own the copyright to the images.  

The Client does not own any copyright to the images taken, as per the copyright law on photography.

Any hi-res jpeg images provided to the client as part of their agreed package may not be altered or edited without permission from Studio Fotos - Stockholm, to avoid any copyright infringement.

Unless agreed upon in a special contract, any images are for only personal client use and not commercial.

- Note, using your image to represent yourself on websites, publications, for events, on a poster for an event you host, or on the cover of your book or any articles that you have written are all allowed under personal client use.

In any such agreement with the photographer, the licensing of the images for commercial will be dependant upon factors such as potential reach of the images, how often, and for how long. 

For clarity, Commercial use is deemed when another company will use photographs taken by studio fotos stockholm of you for commercial gain, for example to advertise their product, use your image on a poster or in an advertisement. If that later becomes the case, then the company concerned must contact for clarification of usage.

As a Swedish registered company we comply with the Svenska Fotografers Förbund with regards copyright and ownership. Please see the following link for the full rules on copyright and usage.

Studio Fotos - Stockholm have the right to use any images in their marketing, blog and website without any permission from the client.

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