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Andy Foster - Associate Headshot Photography at Studio Fotos, Headshot Crew mentorAndy Foster - Associate Headshot Photography at Studio Fotos, Headshot Crew mentor















Andy Foster - Award winning headshot photographer


What is a Headshot Photo ?

A headshot is closer cropped than a traditional portrait photo see the photo above, or any of the ones of our clients in the slideshow.

A headshot is important for you when looking for work, on your publications, doing a talk or representing yourself on social media we are constantly being asked to provide a headshot, so ensure that you have a professional one by coming to us

We specialise in expression, the key part of any great headshot, the clothes and jewellery should not be what catches someone's attention, it is your expression

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at these reviews from some of our clients


Mustafa Ajlouni ***** 

Very talented photographer and you have fun as great as the results you get from his camera


Germaine Thomas ***** 

I had the best time working with Andy. He made me comfortable. I have a hard time feeling relaxing in front of the camera. We laughed and joked and that's what is needed in order to get a nice photo. Natural giggles and a confident, professional photographer. I loved the end results. Even my goofy-face photos are really nice. I already plan a return photo session this year.


Paul Critchley *****

Working with Andy was a pleasure from start to finish. He is someone that has the ability to make you feel relaxed, in what can be a lengthy and somewhat daunting process in unfamiliar surroundings. Professional, reasonable prices and excellent customer service. Very pleased with the results and would have no hesitation in using Studio Fotos again, or recommending their services to others.


Michael Anderberg ***** 

Talented and very service minded! Excellent choice for your portraiture needs!


Margit Lampen ***** 

Being a photographer myself I am not used to stand before the camera. However, I am extremely picky as to what to look for in a picture of myself. Andy managed to nail it. He makes you feel at ease, and knows how to make you look your best.


We have two options to choose from:

Express package

1750kr inclusive moms

45 minutes session

One look (i.e. no clothes changes)

Voucher for one retouched image included (worth 600kr) *


Premium package

2750kr inclusive moms

90 minutes session

Multiple clothes changes

Voucher for three retouched images included (worth 1800kr) *








* additional retouched shots 600kr each (incl moms)



Don't need a professional headshot just now, but need photos for your passport, drivers license or Visa application?

We also do those here at Studio Fotos - 250kr for digital only or 350kr with 6 photos printed for you to use immediately





Andy Foster

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