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The professionals for Headshot Photography.

Our Motto:

We guarantee YOU

the best headshot you have ever had.


In 2011 Studio Fotos were originally located in Södermalm, then another studio in Vasastan from 2013 before finding this wonderful location in Huddinge with even better facilities for fantastic headshot portrait photography both in studio and outdoors for our popular cinematic headshot look

At Studio Fotos, it is about professional studio headshot photography that gets results, with that result being that job or acting role you search for. Our motto is to get you the best headshot you have ever had. Guaranteed. 

The headshot is the most important selling point to any prospective casting agency, TV company, or future employer

Your CV details your experience, but your headshot is your personality. 

Personality is something only a few photographers manage to capture, at Studio Fotos - Stockholm, we specialise in it. You will walk away with some of the best headshot photographs you have ever had taken.

Our clients vary from Actors (skådespelare), to corporate executives and their staff, LinkedIn and website photos and online dating sites such as Tinder, Badoo, Match.com, edarling.se, elitdating.se, happypancake.com


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Studio shoots for LinkedIn, Website and Actors headshots (classic White, Grey or Black background)

Cinematic shoots (Environmental headshot portraits on location)

Dating Headshots for Tinder, Badoo, Match.com, edarling.se, elitdating.se, happypancake.com



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